Welcome to SockAndShop.com, your crazy, unique, novelty and customized socks home!

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SockAndShop.com is your home for crazy, unique, novelty, socks and customized socks. 

We pride ourselves on designing and creating novelty socks and custom socks that offer a detailed print on comfortable, 100% washing machine safe crew socks. All socks All socks are made to order with love at our facility in Orlando, FL. 


Our Mission


Here at SockAndShop.com, we're on a mission to banish boring socks.

We started SockAndShop.com because we have a passion for novelty, unique, fun socks. We believe in not following the herd and wanted socks that went along with this belief.

We set out to ensure people could have not only crazy, unique, novelty socks, but also crazy socks designed with premium quality and comfort. 

Along with designing crazy, fun socks and custom socks, we wanted to be sure we also offered top notch quality. We found it was rare to find fun, unique, novelty socks with the type of quality we believe customers deserve. The art would begin fading after a few times in the wash or the socks lacked in comfort. 

Our goal is to ensure people are able to enjoy both novelty, unique, fun socks that have designs people get excited about, and also printed with the highest possible standard and the same level of comfort as high end department store socks.

At our facility located in Orlando, Florida, aside from offering the type of socks that have you feeling alive and looking fresh, we offer a premium sublimation machine that produces a crisp, clear, and detailed image on each and every sock. 


We always check orders prior to shipping out to ensure each sock was printed to our high standard of quality. We also pride ourselves on offering 24/7 customer service. 

Feel free to take a look around our online store, and message us if interested in wholesale ordering or custom socks!