Wine Crew Socks - Pour Yourself a Glass And Show Some Style

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Wine Crew Socks 

Pour Yourself a Glass And Show Some Style

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Our wine crew socks were one of our original socks when we first opened, along with beer socks, poop emoji socks and gummy bear socks. 

We were particularly found of the wine socks because they had a touch of class and elegance to them. 

They were, and still are, particularly popular with customers who by no surprise love wine, or had a friend, relative, or co-worker who was a wine lover.

When designing the socks, we decided to have both a bottle of white wine and red wine, with a glass of each wine on the socks. 

As part of a creative touch, we have the glass of white wine split between the two socks. 

For those who haven't shopped with us at, all socks are printed identical to the product photo. This means the socks the wine socks and all other crazy socks will arrive looking exactly like the socks in the photo.

We offer state of the art printing that prints an image so crisp on each and every socks, some customers have even purchased our socks as art that they hang on the walls. 

In regards to these socks, some customers have said they love these wine socks as they make a great conversation starter at parties. Many people will compliment the socks, and those who love wine will start a conversation. 



Wine Facts:

We always like to share interesting information about the basis of the socks, and the wine socks will be no exception. 

Fact 1:

Drinking red wine in small doses is healthy

Believe it or not, several human trial studies have shown there are health benefits to drinking red wine, due to the antioxidants. Studies have shown drinking small amounts of red wine can decrease the risk of cardiovascular  and type-2 diabetes


Fact 2:

There's a right way to hold a wine glass.


Wine glasses are supposed to be held by the stem. 

The reason?

Holding a wine glass by the actual glass will cause the temperature to increase from the hand. By holding a wine glass from the stem, it will not increase in temperature. 


Fact 3:

Wine bottles are stores laying down, as opposed to up right, so the cork doesn't dry out and dwindle, possibly dropping into the wine.


Fact 4:

Wine bottles with animals on them are known as "critter wine".


Fact 5:

 California is the fourth largest producer of wine, behind France, Spain, and Italy.


Customizing Wine Socks

We offer not only pre-designed catalogue socks, but also custom socks, such as custom dog socks. Perhaps you love the socks, but would like a personalized touch to them. If so, we can create either a completely new custom sock design, or adjust this design. 

What some customers have done to customize the wine socks, is add a name or date onto the socks. Others have added specific bottles of wine, and some custom sock orders were only white wine, red wine, and some champagne. 

Regardless of what type of design you may like, we offer a professional graphic designer who will put together a draft design, and we will only print once the design is approved by you. 


Ordering Wine Socks

Ready to enjoy a fresh pair of wine socks?

The socks can be purchased right below. All socks are made to order, so you can be sure you'll be receiving a brand new pair of socks.

Make sure to take advantage of our 2 pairs for $19.99 special!



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