See the Detail In the Print for Yourself - Recent Custom Sock Order

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Today, with our customer's permission, we're taking a few moments to share a recent custom sock we completed.

We complete countless amounts of custom socks daily, and always like to take time to show our work when we're not busy fulfilling orders and creating crazy socks for all of our amazing customers!


The Custom Sock Order

This particular order was for a repeat customer of ours who ordered quite a few custom pairs over the winter holidays. 

This time around, it was a graduation gift for our customer's daughter who was graduating from the fire academy. 

It was our first time doing a fire fighter repeated sock, so it was particularly fun to design. 

Taking advantage of our custom socks with no minimum order, this order was for 1 pair. What our customers love about working with us, is we offer the same quality, care, and dedication to all customers, whether ordering 1 custom sock, hundreds, or even thousands for fundraisers or corporate events. 

What we particularly loved about this sock (but don't worry, we love all socks equally) was that it used the entire photograph, so it gave a chance to really show off what our sublimation machine can produce. 


About Our Sublimation Machine (The Machine that Prints the Image onto the Socks)

For those new to SockAndShop or sublimation, sublimation is the process that places the image onto the sock.

When we first began SockAndShop, we ensured to invest in one of the highest quality machines on the market, and along with the great reviews we have received, this design gives a chance to really show that.

Below is both the photograph we placed on the sock, along with the full printed sock, and an up close visual of the photo printed on the sock. (The sock has 2 photos on it, we're displaying one as it was printed larger onto the sock.)

When we say our machine prints identical to the product photo, we really mean it. 

See for yourself!


The Custom Design



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custom socks, custom socks no minimum, personalized socks, customized socks, mens custom socks, womens custom socks


custom socks, custom socks no minimum, personalized socks, customized socks, mens custom socks, womens custom socks
As you can see  above, the machine prints identical to the photo, getting every little detail and color, including the wrinkle in the pants, the details in the straps, and even all the mechanical items in the background. 
Whether you choose to have a custom sock with a full detailed photo like this, just the face, your pet, or any other design, rest assured, you're receiving an incredible print, on comfortable socks. 

Get In Touch

For those interested in custom socks or personalized socks, contact us today with what you would like, and we'll reply within 48 hours (usually sooner). We love what we do and love the fun and joy these socks bring to our customers!
For those interested in crazy socks, feel free to check out our catalogue, including bacon socks, pugs in space socks, unicorn socks, hot dog socks, and more. 
For both custom and our pre-designed catalogue socks, they are all made to order on comfortable, department store quality crew socks (and now also knee high socks for orders of 3 pairs or more).
When you shop at SockAndShop, we can guarantee you're getting the best quality crazy and custom socks available on the market at affordable, competitive prices!



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