Poop Emoji Socks

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Poop Emoji Socks

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The poop emoji crew socks were on the first designs we offered, and one of our best sellers. Everyone loves these socks whether as a gag gift, personal purchase, or even for sports teams. 

Since starting with the poop emoji socks, we've expanded our emoji sock collection, ranging from emoji galore socks, sassy girl emoji,  athletic emoji socks, and much more. 

One of the most popular reasons for the poop emoji socks has been for both bachelor parties and as groomsmen gifts. 

Some customers have chosen to customize the poop emoji socks, with a wedding date, the recipient's name, or combing someone's face with the actual poop emoji, whether having the face and emoji repeated, or the peso's face over the emoji.

Regardless of how someone may choose to wear the poop emoji socks, they're a lot of fun, and everyone loves them. 

One popular story we've heard is from someone who actually met his girlfriend from wearing the poop emoji socks. He was a football tailgate, and his now girlfriend came up and told him how much she loved the socks. They ended up hitting it off, and to date, are currently dating. 

This is the magic of the poop emoji socks, and crazy socks in general. 


Additional Info About SockAndShop

SockAndShop.com was founded in December of 2016. We began with only offering 50 pre-designed crazy socks, and over the year, now offer over 500 different designs, along with compression sleeves, custom socks, custom pet socks, and soon t-shirts. 

We offer state-of-the-art printing that socks and items identical to the product photo. What we love most is hearing back from customers who can't believe the quality of the print. 

When we say state-of-the-art, we really mean it. 

We also use comfortable but firm department store style socks. These socks are designed to allow for a high quality print, and also feel comfortable when worn. 

We have had customers wear our socks for all types of occasions, ranging from weddings, to softball games, to basketball games, to professional environments, to casual wear. 

We love what we do and take pride in what we do (while having some fun along the way.) For this reason, you can be sure when you shop with us, you're getting true top quality. 


Ordering Your Poop Emoji Socks

Ready to order your poop emoji socks?


Ordering is simple. The poop emoji socks can be purchased via the link below, or directly from the listing page. 

Be sure to take advantage of our 2 pairs for $19.99 deal. You get a second pair of socks for only $4.99, free shipping included!





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