11 Tips How to Give a Great Best Man Speech (With Video Example)

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11 Tips How to Give a Great Best Man Speech

(Video Example Below)

The best man speech can be something the best man looks forward to and can't wait to deliver, or for others, a bit of a nerve wracking experience.

Here at SockAndShop, we're not just about custom socks and gifts, we're about giving out A-grade solid advice. 

In honor of the custom wedding socks and groomsmen socks we design on a daily basis, we're going to give back.

Today, we'll be talking about how to give a great best man speech. 


11 Tips for Giving an All Star Best Man Speech

1. Prepare

I have a very good friend who I won't name, that was given the honor of the best man speech. He decided since he knew the groom for so long, he could just wing it. While there may be a select few people out there who can pull this off, we don't recommend it. 

This friend to this day years later is still embarrassed about the speech. (He also had one too many drinks)

Write down the speech or at least jot down a few notes of things you'd like to discuss. 

2. Start with an Introduction and a Joke or Two 

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When you first start the speech, introduce yourself for those who may not know who you are, and start off with a light joke or two. You don't have to be a stand up comedian, but just a little something to lighten the mood. 

3. Focus on the Groom (& Bride)

It's not necessary to talk about yourself too much outside of how you and the groom know each other, and maybe a story about the two of you as it relates to the wedding. 

You're the grooms best man, so keep most of the focus on stories or something funny (but not too embarrassing) that shows what an awesome guy he is, the bride is, and how they are together. While you're the one giving the speech, it's really about the bride and groom and celebrating them, so keep that in mind. 


4. Thank Those Who Made the Day Possible

It's always a good move to express gratitude to whoever made the wedding possible. If the bride's parents paid, thank them by name.


5. Focus on Connecting How You Know the Groom to the Wedding Day

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Tell a story about the groom that can relate to him now being married. Maybe he never thought he would meet a girl who had certain qualities, and the bride has them. Maybe he was shy and overcame it to meet his bride. Maybe you see how the two of them balance each other out. 

6. Don't Get TOO Personal

It's alright to make a few jokes at the groom (within reason) but keep the jokes away from the bride. 

Don't mention how the groom use to have a string of endless hook ups in college and you can't believe he finally has settled down. If you really want to talk about that, save it for the bachelor party.

Also avoid negative topics or other past relationships. 

Avoid inside jokes as well and other topics that may be a bit controversial. Remember, this day is about celebrating the bride and groom, so keep that the focus in the best man speech. 


7. Stay Sober

A few drinks should be alright, but don't get drunk. The last thing you want is to be the rambling drunk guy who ends up on social media highlights. 


8. Keep It Short & Simple

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While there are some people who have pulled off 10 minute speeches, ideally aim for a 2-3 minute speech and no more than 5 minutes. 


9. Throw in a Quote

Throwing in a meaningful or funny quote at the beginning or end of the best man speech is always a nice touch. 


10. End with a Toast

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At the end of the speech, propose a toast and have everyone raise their glass to the bride and groom. Something along the lines of: "Here's to a lifetime of love and happiness for (bride's name) and (groom's name)


11. Practice Before

Read it for friends, family or record yourself on your phone. See how it sounds and take any feedback. Make sure you're not speaking too fast or mumbling. 


Best Man Speech Cheat Sheet:

  1. Open with an intro, a light joke or two, and thank those who made the day possible.
  2. Move into the speech 
  3. Talk about how great the groom is (and maybe a joke or 2 about the groom, but nothing too embarrassing)
  4. Share a story and how it relates to him and the couple
  5. Raise your glass and cheers to the couple
  6. Take a deep breath and now hit the bar


Best Man Speech Video

Below is an excellent best man speech that hits all of these points and you can see this formula in action.

The best man who is the groom’s little brother opens with some jokes (he goes on for quite a few given that he’s the younger brother).

Afterward, he goes into how great the groom and bride are, how great the bride and groom are together and a special connection he has with both of them, then closes with a toast and a quote. 

While your best man speech doesn’t have to be quite like this, it does give a great idea of seeing how to put it all together.


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