How to Bake the Best Chocolate Chip Cookies

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We love chocolate chip cookies. They're amazing. We also have been told by many, many of our customer's that they too love chocolate chip cookies. 

Today, in honor of both our chocolate chip cookie loving customer's and our chocolate chip cookie socks, we'll be sharing a list of some of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes available online. 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipes



This was the highest rated chocolate chip cookie recipe. It's focused on getting those nice, warm, soft chocolate chip cookies down to a science.



This is a very straight forward chocolate chip recipe that is simple and offers a lot of taste. 


Nestle Toll House

Naturally we had to include a recipe for Nestle chocolate chip cookies. 


Chocolate Chip Cookie Socks

Chocolate Chip Cookie Socks (click this link here)

Chocolate chip cookie socks

For those who want to really go all out and share their love for chocolate chip cookies, be sure to grab yourself (and a friend) a pair of chocolate chip cookie socks. These crazy socks look as sweet as chocolate chip cookies and feel as good on your feet as a warm cookie fresh out the oven.  

For those who want to go extra crazy with their socks, be sure to reach out to us about creating your own custom socks


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