It's Time to Get Patriotic with USA American Flag Socks

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We released our USA socks when we first opened SockAndShop, and have since expanded out to several different USA American Flag socks. We made these socks both due to high demand and as a symbol of how we make and design every order right here in the USA, in Orlando, FL. 

The USA socks have been very popular as regular socks, 4 of July socks, and for sports teams. including soccer, softball, baseball, and basketball teams wear these socks for their team. (For those who want custom socks, click here to design your own socks.)

Today, we'll discuss both SockAndShop briefly and show some of our different USA American Flag sock selections. As always, feel free to contact us about a specific order request!


About SockAndShop - Your Home for Crazy Socks, Custom Socks, & Apparel 

For those new to SockAndShop, we're located in Orlando, FL and make all socks and apparel made to order right here in Orlando. We use state-of-the-art sublimation to create all crazy socks and novelty socks, and use socks that are designed to not only allow an incredible print, but feel comfortable too!

All socks are designed on comfortable crew socks and currently come in unisex size medium and large. Size medium is designed to fit both youth's and smaller adult shoe sizes. Size L is designed to fit adult shoe size 7-13. 

We're a small team of people who stay on top of the orders and are always working on new ideas. We always welcome any design ideas or new items from customers. 


USA American Flag Socks 


USA Stars & Stripes Socks

USA Socks, America Socks, American Flag, USA Soccer Socks


These socks offer the stars on one sock and the stripes on the other. These create a walking American Flag effect when worn and walking. What some customers have chosen to do with these socks are purchase 2 pairs, so they can not only have the pair of stars and stripes, but also a full pair of blue star socks, or red and white striped socks. 





USA American Flag Vintage Socks


USA Socks, America Socks, American Flag, USA Soccer Socks


These socks are designed with a vintage look along the American Flag, as if it's an older, worn down flag. Like all of our socks, these are printed in great detail, and will show every detail you see here in the image. 




USA Heart Socks


USA Socks, America Socks, American Flag, USA Soccer Socks


These socks aren't quite American Flag socks, but they are covered in hearts with USA hearts. These have been very popular for softball team socks. For those who have the USA in their heart, these are for you!



American Flag Socks


USA Socks, America Socks, American Flag, USA Soccer Socks


And last, but certainly not least, we offer the standard USA American Flag socks. These socks are as close as you get to the flag being placed on each sock, with the blue and stars at the top, and the red and white lines going along the full sock. 


Order Your American Flag Socks Today

As you can read from our raving sock reviews, American Flag socks and all of our socks are made to order and look identical to the product image. Simply add the socks to your cart from the options above. If interested in having your socks customized or custom pet socks, feel free to contact us at 

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