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French Fry Crew Socks

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French fries go well with just about anything, including socks. 

These delicious looking french fry socks have been a major favorite amongst all french fry lovers. 

These french fry socks are designed with crisp, golden yellow delicious looking french fries along the entire crew sock. They make great gifts, gag gifts, or as a personal purchase to add to your sock collection. 


French Fry Socks & Crazy Socks Info

Like all crazy socks offered here at SockAndShop.com, including bowling socks, basketball socks, bacon socks, and ice cream socks, all socks are made to order and print identical, in vivid detail, to the product image photo. 

This means you'll be able to see the different colors along the french fry, and get as close as you can to actual french fries on your socks!

The type of socks we use are 100% polyester crew socks. They are designed for comfort, and have been worn by countless customer's for a wide variety of events, ranging from sports, professional environment's, weddings, and casual wear. 

We also offer these relationship french fry socks, which say "You are the ketchup to my fries". Get these for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or even your bff!

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Customizing Your Socks

For those who are feeling adventurous, we also offer you to design your own custom socks with no minimum order. Let us know the design you want, and we'll have our very own professional graphic designer put together your custom sock design. 

We offer free revisions with the design, so you can be sure the design will come out exactly as you envision. 

We can customize the french fry socks, and add text or photos to them, or create a completely new original design to your liking. 


Ordering Your French Fry Socks

Ordering your french fry socks is easy.

Simply place your order below via the product check out.

For those interested in custom socks or have any additional questions, feel free to message us via the contact form below






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