Design Ideas for Custom Socks - Design Your Own Socks

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Design Ideas for Custom Socks

Design Your Own Socks

Designing your own socks can be a very fun and exciting process. 

Maybe you're designing a pair of custom socks as a gift, for an event, sports, yourself, a loved one, or even a wedding or bachelor or bachelorette party. 

Whatever the occasion may be, sometimes as the designer, it's possible to not be entirely sure of what actual type of customized sock design you would like. 

If that is the case, then this article is for you. 


Deciding on the Design...

Here at, your home for crazy, novelty crew socks and custom socks with no minimum order, we receive countless requests on a daily basis for customized socks.

Some customers know exactly what they want, others have an idea, and some only know they want custom socks for an event, but have no idea what to actually order.

If you know exactly what type of design you want or have an idea, great! Email us at, and let's get started on your custom sock order.

If you're in the undecided design category, feel free to contact us directly, or read this article first to get an idea of where to begin.


Designing Your Own Sock - Putting Together the Custom Sock Design

Before we get into some customized sock ideas, let's first talk about what we can do for your customized socks. 

Unlike many companies, we offer all customers our professional graphic designers to create the actual design. This results in a very high quality design. You are of course also welcomed to email us a specific design you already have made.

We allow free revisions on this design as well, so you never have to worry about having the design right on the first try. 

We use state-of-the-art sublimation machines, (the machines that print the design), and are able to produce any type of color, images, and design choices. As we always say, if you want to do a certain custom design, chances are we can. 

We also have no minimum order quantity for custom socks, so whether you want 1 pair of socks or many more, we will take care of your order promptly. 

Now that we have the basics of designs covered, lets get into some custom sock and personalized sock ideas. 

Here are some of the most popular custom sock design requests by customers: 


Popular Custom Sock & Personalized Sock Selections 

(All customers were asked prior to displaying design prints)

1. Custom socks with a specific background color and text phrase


This is a fairly common request. A customer requests to have a specific background color with a phrase either once on the sock, or being repeated multiple times. 

If you're interested in having any type of text on the sock, we can print with any type of font, and the words in any type of color. We can also do small text, medium sized text, and large text. It's all just a matter of preference. 

Some other ideas include:

  • One word or phrase on one sock, and another word or phrase on the other sock
  • One word or phrase on the front of the sock, and a different word or phrase on the back of the sock
  • Words or text with multiple color text 

2. A specific background color and image

Custom socks and personalized socks with a specific background color and image tends to be the most popular selection. 

When it comes to placing an images or images on your socks, you have quite a few options:

1. The image once on the sock, usually centered around the calf on the front and back

2. The image repeated multiple times

3. The image placed in a pattern along the sock multiple times

4. The image placed on the foot and then also around the calf

5. A few different images placed along the sock

The options are endless, and we're more than happy to show several different design options. 

If you have an image and would only like a certain part of it to be on the sock, we can do that as well. For example, you may want to add a truck from a photo, but only want the truck and not the background image. Simply let us know, and we will have the background removed. Simple as that!


3. A Collage 

While this is similar to the choice above, it's not entirely the same. The difference with this is it would be many images, all along the sock. This usually consists of at least 5 images, and up to 20, placed all along the sock. 

Many customers interested in the collage usually send pictures mashed together in groups of 4, but we can put together a collage for you as well. 



4. A Customization from our Current Sock Catalogue

Sometimes, customers just want an addition to our socks from our current catalogue. This can include adding a name, a date, specific number, or having the sock adjusted slightly. 

A very common customization of this type is from our wedding catalogue, with customers requesting to have names of the bride, groom or guest on the sock. It's also very common to have the wedding date placed on the sock, such as in the design above.

For example, we had one customer request to have one of our emoji socks customized with just 1 additional emoji. 

If this is something you are interested in, simply let us know the specific sock, and what you would like to have specifically customized. Easy as that!


5. Specialized Designs (Combination of a Few choices)


We call this type specialized designs because it usually involves a combination of a few things. 

A good example of this would be custom socks we designed for a gymnastics team. They requested to have their logo on the sock with the background removed, a specific background color, and starts all along the sock. You can see the finished product below: 


For these types of designs, always be sure to be as specific as possible with what you would like on the sock. The more details we receive, the better. 


6. Custom Pet Socks/ Custom Dog Socks/ Custom Cat Socks

The custom pet socks, custom dog socks, and custom cat socks are very popular. These socks have a photo of someone's pet, usually a dog or cat, and a photo of the pet repeated along the sock.

custom dog socks, custom pet socks, custom cat socks

Getting Started on Your Custom Sock & Personalized Sock Order -

Get Started on Designing Your Own Socks

Getting started on your order is easy. Simply email us at and let us know what type of design you would like. You can either use some of the ideas from the article above, or let us know you have a general idea in mind, and we'll make some magic happen!

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