Should You Order Custom Socks or Catalogue Socks?

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Should You Order Custom Socks or Catalogue Socks?

We recently received an email from a customer and decided to answer this question through our blog, in case anyone else has the same question. We asked for their permission to post their question, and here it is:

"Hello. I'm very interested in ordering socks for my family for the holidays. I love many of your socks from your catalogue, but am also considering custom socks as well. I would be ordering 15 pairs total. Which would be best?"



Custom Socks or Catalogue Socks

When it comes to whether someone should design their own socks and order custom socks, or order socks from the catalogue really comes down to a few factors. 

1. How Personal Do You Want the Socks?

If interested in a highly personalized sock, such as with a meaningful image, or phrase, or some type of inside joke, custom sock is always the way to go. One of the best parts of designing custom socks and personalized socks is hearing from customers about how much people love the socks. 

Keep in mind when ordering custom socks, it's about the personalization factor, and not so much just about the sock. 

2. Budget

Next is the budget. We offer highly competitive and affordable prices for custom socks, especially for the quality offered. That being said, if you're planning on ordering a different custom sock for all 15 people, it would be far more cost effective to order from the catalogue and receive a pair for $14.99 or each 2 pairs for only $19.99 ($9.99/pair.)

However, if it would be an order of the same 15 custom socks, or perhaps 7 designs of 1 custom sock and 8 designs of another, ordering custom may a more fulfilling decision. 

3. Time Frame

On average, it takes about 2-3 weeks for the design to go from concept to arriving at the customer's door. While we can have custom socks designed, printed, and shipped within 1 week, if there's a specific time crunch, it may be best to order from the catalogue. 

When completing custom socks, while we can have them completely finished within 1 week, it is not always best to rush the process. 

If you are looking for a rushed order, be sure to let us know, and to respond promptly once the design is emailed. However, we do always ask for at least 1 week of time to complete the designs, to ensure they come out correctly. It's never worth rushing an order only to have the socks not printed how they should be. 


Wrapping Up

Custom socks and personalized socks are always much more fun and meaningful than the catalogue socks, given that you can ultimately have whatever you want on the socks. That being said, we do offer hundreds of different catalogue socks, ranging from poop emoji socks, hanging sloth socks, gummy bear socks, galaxy socks, and much, much more. 

If interested in ordering customized socks, email us at, and we'll have a dedicated account manager discuss any questions you may have, and work with you to get started on your order.

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