Custom Sock Design 1/21/19

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We recently had a customer who was interested in a large order of custom socks as a groomsmen gift.

What was interesting about this order was that they were interested in custom face socks, but not with just the face. 

Custom face socks typically are a sock that takes a face and prints it all over the entire sock, showing no background. This can be with any person including babies or pets such as dogs, cats, hamster’s, and any other pet.

This particular custom face sock order requested to have one pair that included a sombrero, and another pair that included a cigar. 

Below we have the original photo's, and then the completed design.


Custom Sock Design


Original Photo:




Sock Design:





Original Photo:




Sock Design:


Final Print:

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About SockAndShop

For those new to SockAndShop, our customers love the high quality print we offer on very comfortable crew socks. This includes our custom socks and crazy socks, such as beer socks, pugs in space socks, galaxy socks, usa american flag socks, and more. 

The socks are designed to stretch when worn, which allows for a more comfortable fit. They also have a slightly padded bottom for additional comfort for those who may be standing on their feet.


The socks we offer can be worn for casual wear, in professional environment's, wedding's, and even athletic events such as soccer and basketball.


All socks print identical to the original image, down to the tiniest details. Through the process we use, the image also becomes a part of the sock. What this means is the image won’t fade or smear in the wash or over time from being worn.


When it comes to custom socks, we can create almost any type of design. We can print photo’s such as faces, cropped photo’s, or full picture’s, text, patterns, or a combination of all three. Chances are, if you want it, we can print it!


See the difference in quality and comfort for yourself and contact us today about your custom sock order!

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