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Posted by William Marcus on

Here at SockAndShop, we're not just about crazy socks, we're all about adventure, living life to the fullest, and all things crazy. 

In honor of our best selling hanging sloth socks and sloths in space socks, we're going to dive deeper into these mystic animals known as sloths. 

While sloths have been very popular lately, how many of us know much about sloths?

While we all know them as these adorable but lazy creatures, many don't know is whole they spend most of their time in tree's and appear very clumsy, they're actually great swimmer's.  

Even better than fun facts is getting to see sloths live in action.

For all you sloth lovers, today is your lucky day. 

We bring you the crazy sloth video compilation, showing sloths in all their glory. 


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