Cat Lovers Love Cats In Space Socks

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The cats in space socks are a major favorite amongst all cat lovers.

Our recent customer Sarah purchased 7 pairs of these funny socks for her group of friends before going on a beach trip. Each of them loves cats, and they thought this would be a fun and funny piece of clothing to all have (and make a great photo op)

These crazy cat socks are designed with a vibrant space themed background with the colors blue, red and galaxy clouds. 

Over the space themed background is an adorable cat that prints in great detail over the space background. 

These funny cats in space socks have been great as gifts, personal purchases, gag gifts, and even for weddings. 

These crazy cats in space socks are unisex, so both men and women can enjoy them. For those who want these for their kids, no worries! Our size medium is designed so that it can fit youth and adults with smaller feet. 

What our customers love most is that the socks print identical to the product image  and does not fade down over time or from the wash. We pride ourselves on offering crazy socks and novelty socks designed by one of the highest grade sublimation machines available, resulting in not only a very clear, vivid, and detailed print, but also a print that lasts.

cats in space socks

Create Your Own Pair of Custom Cat Socks

For those feeling extra adventurous, we can take a photo of your own cat and place it onto these socks. We can do the space background or a different colored background. We can also do different photo's such as dogs or other pets or even your face, a friends face, or a relative. The options are limitless when it comes to custom socks. It's all up to you!




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