Best Socks for Music Festivals & EDM Raves

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Best Socks for Music Festivals & EDM Raves

Music festivals, edm shows, and raves aren't always just about the music. They're about meeting new people, experiencing something new and exciting, and trying out a different set of fashion. 

One of the most prized pieces of clothing at a music festival are crazy, novelty socks. 


They stand out, add a lot of fun to the event, and are just awesome. 

Maybe you're going to Ultra Music Festival, EDC, a local rave, or some other type of music festival or show. Either way, we've got you covered with cool, crazy music festival socks, edm socks, and rave socks. 

What's best about our socks?

All of our actual printed socks look identical to the product image. We also use sublimation, which means the image becomes a part of the sock. This means no fading or the image wearing down over time, so you can rock out with your socks until you're all partied out, and then wear them some more. 

Be sure to ask us about our custom socks as well. You can design your own socks with any type of image or color you like.  


Socks for Music Festivals & EDM Raves

1. Galaxy Crew Socks

All of our galaxy socks are great for music festivals, EDM shows, and raves. Some of these socks have images of the galaxy, others planet Earth, the Moon, and some just have stars. All of these socks have been very popular amongst customers for all these types of shows. 

2. Pugs in Space Crew Socks

Our Pugs in Space socks are great for all shows. Why?  They're trippy and funny These socks have just been overall popular, but always are great as EDM show socks, raves socks, and music festival socks. 


3. Psychedelic Crew Socks

Our psychedelic crew socks are designed after the posters and banners people have in their own rooms. We took a similar design and created one that we could sublimate on our socks. 


4. Psychedelic Tie Dye Crew Socks

The psychedelic tie dye crew socks are tie dye socks with a twist: a psychedelic twist to be exact. These trips psychedelic socks are great as music festival clothing, rave clothing, and EDM clothing. They look awesome and work right in with the scene. 


5. Peace Sign Crew Socks

Naturally, peace sign crew socks made the list. These socks are designed with repeated peace signs along the sock. 


6. Novelty Wave Crew Socks

These socks have a mix of different colors all coming together and to form a collective multi-color wave pattern. These socks are also great for casual wear and even business attire. 


7. Novelty Galaxy Crew Socks

Our novelty galaxy socks are a fan favorite. Blended with purple, pink, and turquoise all faded together, these socks become an instant hit. 


8. Novelty Blue Lightning Crew Socks

Our novelty blue lighting crew socks are designed with blue lighting streaks along the sock. These work great for raves, EDM shows, and music festivals due to the streak pattern. It looks very similar to the lighting patterns seen at shows. 


9. Novelty Blue Shock Crew Socks

Novelty blue shock socks are designed with a multi-color blue "shock" streak down the middle of the sock. Grab yourself a pair today. 


10. Novelty Solar Galaxy Crew Socks

Our solar galaxy crew socks are designed with pink orbits with blue solar streaks. They're colorful, electric, and are great for all shows!


Socks for Music Festivals & EDM Raves

Whether you're heading to a show soon, or just want to get a pair, all of our cool, crazy, novelty socks are made to order and shipped FREE! 

Get your socks off today!



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