6 Awesome Tricks to Teach Your Dog

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Here at SockAndShop, we're known for our crazy socks and custom socks. Our pet socks and dog socks have been exceptionally popular. 

As pet owner's ourselves, we love not only pet socks, but having fun with our pets. 

Today, we're going to cover 6 awesome tricks to teach your dog. 


6 Awesome Tricks to Teach Your Dog 

1. Shake 

We put this first as it's one of the most simple and easiest tricks to teach your dog. 

If your dog thinks you have something in your hand, your dog will naturally paw at it. Teach your dog to shake by having some food or a dog treat in your closed fist. As your dog paws at it, repeat "shake". Continue doing this until it becomes learned. 


2. Fetch

While some dog owners assume that fetch comes naturally to dogs, this isn't the case with every dog. Some dogs will take whatever is thrown, and either run off with it, or just lay down once they have it and chew on it. 

Check out the video to learn how to get your dog into the fun of fetch. 

3. Play Dead

This is one of the more advanced tricks to teach a dog. It's one thing to get your dog to put out their paw to shake, it's another to get them to lay down and stay still. Remember to reward your dog as they learn new tricks. 

4. Roll Over

Roll over seems like a crazy trick to teach your dog, but this video makes it easy. The video breaks it down into 3 steps, and focusing on 1 step at a time. 

5. Stand on Hind Legs

This may seem like something that is meant only for the circus, but with enough patience and determination, it is possible to teach your dog to do this. 

6. Sit 

Last but not least, one of the most popular dog tricks 'sit". This trick is great because it's not only a fun thing to do with your dog, it can actually come in handy when you actually need your dog to sit. 

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